Sunday, June 28, 2015

Samuels home birth

A home birth video of Samuel. The video was very inspiring and very hearth warming.

The Pregnancy & Birth of the Trama Triplets

I just came across this amazing video. It's a mother's quest in giving birth to a triplet. Her brave decision to show the world how a woman's body is very delicate yet very strong. I hope this motivate others to be proud of their womb and child. This was a great video.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

What are the 10 best films about pregnancy and little kids?

Cravings, spit-up, contractions, and diaper adjustment, what enhance silage for a movie comic than pregnancy and fresh parenthood? Whether you're anticipating a baby or just adore a fine humour, sit back and take pleasure of others awkwardly steering pregnancy, giving birth, and a lot more. Here are some of these movies.

1. What to expect when you're expecting, 2012

This is a film spinoff of the famous what to expect manuscript sequence. The all-star artist starting with Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, and lastly Cameron Diaz, plays five unified pregnant women and their grope partners. The film plays out a lot of those pregnancy clich├ęs we've perceived before, but makes it better and has several bright foddered too.

2. Baby Mama, 2008

Saturday Night Live alums Amy Poehler and Tina Fey who play two ladies who turn out to be unlikely friends when Fey's personality, Kate, sense her clock marking and search a substitute, Angie, to take her baby. Kate, the type-A administrative, and Angie, the working-type free will spirit, concluded as roommates who bump heads about anything from prenatal vitamins up to their baby-proofing, but finally link. Supporting group members Dax Shepard and Steve Martin add to the film’s hilarity.

3. Knocked Up, 2007

Here's one more movie that search out having a career and becoming a mother. Alison performed by Katherine Heigl, gets raise from the behind-the-scenes performance to an on-camera task at the E Channel. After departing out for celebratory gulp, she became pregnant during their one-night of being together with immature, scruffy Ben, performed by Seth Rogen. The film is rotating vulgar and sweet, but eventually a progressive typical among pregnancy brush up.

4. Juno, 2007

Of all the individuals who could be pregnant since they are in high school, some would anticipate it of Paulie and nerdy pals Juno, performed by Michael Cera and Ellen Page. Juno counterfeit the fears and glance and pretty excellent, and creates some hard decisions, in this exciting indie movie that can make you cry and laugh.

5. Nine Months, 1995

Sam and Rebecca performed by Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore, have just strike their stride as an unwed 30-somewhat pair when Rebecca find out that she's pregnant. She turned out to be overjoyed with the revelation. While Sam, fight back to transfer gears from his youthful world of changeable and tennis competition. Joan Cusack, Robin Williams and Tom Arnold complement the wackiness of this humid film.

6. Father of the Bride Part II, 1995

Steve Martin is as normal as the dad who just can't exchange with his tiny girl being totally developed. George Banks in the Father of the Bride, at last recognize that Annie his daughter, is going to tie the knot. In the continuation, he must be adjusted with her becoming a mother, and live his wife's shocking pregnancy. It's one more charming film that places the interest of a father-daughter admiration and mid-life arriving of age. George's played by Diane Keaton again play flat-headed spouse, and Martin Short come back as the wild Franck Eggelhoffer.

7. Look Who's Talking, 1989

This is the initial and top movie in the Look Who's Talking trilogy. Mikey was the voice of Bruce Willis, a newly born infant with comments on the living of a single mother, Kirstie Alley plays as Mollie. James plays by John Travolta, a cab driver chasing Mollie, in this '80s mass pleaser.

Elizabeth McGovern and Kevin Bacon perform as cute newly married, Kristi and Jake, leap for married bliss when the pregnancy and existence they waited for hits of some road collide. If you adore Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Sixteen Candles, you'll possibly take pleasure of this movie from identical writer-director, John Hughes, and you'll burrow the video recording.

This 1987 comic film Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, performed as three bachelors who suddenly turn out to be dads when a little one is left behind in their doorstep. The buddies juggle nourishing agenda and diaper predicament with their crashing vocations. It's a glow-hearted, pleasing '80s flick that was goes along by the continuation, the Three Men and a tiny Lady.

Diane Keaton's personality, J.C. Wiatt, is a fashionable business lady taking the corporate steps when she suddenly turned out to be a mother. With an adorable baby but ultra-aggressive generations and a rearward-minded head, can a lady truly take it all?